Cycling can be fun, Mountain biking can be more fun, eBiking on a MTB is the ultimate fun on a bicycle

eBiking is for the fat and lazy is a myth – come see for yourself

You can get a serious workout on an ebike (if you so wish) – only faster!

Or have your partner keep up with you on an ebike

eBikes are essentially electronic bicycles with integrated motors that are used to assist your pedalling. These ebikes use rechargeable batteries that have varying durability depending on the level of assist required. Mostly, it is a combination of a conventional bike with an electric motor, but still requires pedalling.

The Garden Route with its splendour of nature’s wonders offers some of the most iconic and scenic mountain bike trails and routes in the world. A real paradise for a mountain biker, but sometimes out of reach of the lessor fit. Enters ebike! Now these adventures are accessible to more enthusiasts.


eBiking on the Garden Route’s trails is an unmatched experience



  • Our eBikes are essentially power assisted mountain bikes (MTB’s) enabling you to enjoy the numerous off-the-main-road adventures the Garden Route has to offer
  • Ranges between 50 to 80 km per charge
  • Small, Medium and Large frames available
  • 29” and 27,5” (wheel circumference), tubeless
  • Pedals flat (normal) or MTB (SPD)
  • Includes helmet, water bottle and emergency repair kit
  • Also available – normally aspirated MTB’s
  • MTB Tandem for fun excursions

Routes and Trails

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to mountain biking in and around Knysna situated in the heart of the beautiful Garden Route. This area offers some of the finest mountain biking in the country, including the iconic Red Route in Harkerville.

Other rides range from lagoon to indigenous forest; well-marked routes to own meandering; open gravel roads to challenging single track; half day rides to multi-day trips – we have it all!

Knysna and surrounds*
Indigenous forest rides Distance Technical Level**
Harkerville Blue 11 2
Harkerville Green 14 3
Harkerville Red 22 4
Petrus se Brand 22 3
Petrus se Brand Single Track (opt) 4 4
Homtini 20 2
Dirt road/Ridge rides
Seven Passes 20-60 2
Kom se Pad 2
Concordia Ridge 25 2
Phantom Pass 10+ 2
Lagoon Ride 20 1
Single Track – various sections 4
Plettenberg Bay
George Distance Technical Level**
Montagu Pass 30 3
Cross Cape
800 km over 10 days – from Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch
* Some of these routes are circular, but most are drop-and-collect. Transport to and from these routes are provided, and within a 25km radius is included in the rates.
** This refers to mountain biking skill level, and not fitness level.
Most of the rides around the Garden Route involve hill ascents requiring a fair fitness level on normal bikes. eBikes take most of that requirement out of the equation.
Level 2 – Gravel road, rideable with a normal sedan car
Level 3 – Jeep track, but still rideable by a novice mountain biker
Level 4 – Single track, requiring MTB experience
  • Ages 14+; any fitness level
  • Own daily routes and trails
  • Accompanied daily routes and extended tours


Rentals NOTE: Deposits can be done by EFT, but final rental payment has to be on site by Credit Card
Deposit required upon booking – (will be refunded after successful return) R1 000,00 per bike
eBikes – Dual Suspension – Hard Tail R 600,00 per day
R 650,00 per day
R 500,00 per day
Normal MTB’s R 250,00 per day
Tandem R 400,00 per day
Rental includes delivery/collect within 25 km’s
Delivery / collect in excess of 25km’s R 3,00 per km
Recovery R 200,00 per hour
Insurance Optional
Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. Knysna eBike Rentals and Tours assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost equipment.
Accompanied Tours
Varies from daily rides, picnic rides to full-catering multi-day tours. The following base rates apply:
Guide (including a similar bicycle) R1 000,00 per day
Agreed arrangements (meals, accommodation etc) Actual cost + 7% fee
Deposit upon booking (non-refundable) 50%
Remainder – prior to commencement of ride
Contact for discussions, proposals and quotes.


  • Rentals are considered per case
  • Rentals on daily basis only
  • Rentals for extended period only with accompanied Tours
  • No single bike rentals
  • Minors (>14<18) are to be accompanied by parent/guardian
  • Weight limit set at 110kg
  • Proof of Address and ID/Passport required
  • Bookings essential

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